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How is Mak Island look like?

A: The island is about 40 km. away from the mainland so it will always be kept well away from the crowds. This island will give you a real hideaway feeling. Althought when it is in high season, but it never make you feel crowded or busy. You will love KohMak if you love trees, plants, birds, fireflies(in green season), cicadas (night music), butterflies, coral, fish and mother nature.


Any night life here?

A: No. Local people here love a peaceful. Some bar open til midnight-2AM, most of bar are chilled bar. Girls bar is prohibited in this island


How can we explore the island : motorbike rental, public taxi?

A: Resorts information station are renting out motorbike, bicycle and golf cars. a public taxi is available 9.00am-10pm. We recommend you to ride a bicycle or kayaking for supporting KohMak GO GREEN action.


Do electric power in the island running 24 hours?

A: Yes, but please remind that Island energy is limited, kindly SAVE island energy for sustainable KohMak.


How is staying with us look like?

A: All our bungalows are located along the beach ,close to the sea and each bungalow is far from each other. You can be impressed all the nature here with back to the earth feeling.


What medical facilities, doctor are available?

A: For a basic ailments, you could take a medicine from our reception. More serious ailments may be treated at the small health center KohMak. In case for serious injuries , there is Bangkok Hospital located in Trat (mainland) with a specialist doctor and equipment.


Are there any mini-markets , where i can buy drinks, snacks, etc…..?

A: Yes– Nearby our resort up on the hill you will find some small shops, which provides beverages, some clothes, medicine and ice-cream. But you can’t find 7-eleven (24-hrs convenient store) in KohMak. Also beside KohMak resort’ pier , there is a minimart where sell snack , drink , sunscreen and some food in reasonable price.


What is the swimming like?

A: During the summer season the seas are calm and guests have the option of swimming in the resort’s infinity pools or in the blue waters of the front Sea. During the October-November, there is may have the tropical winter wind during that period. In general and because of the bay being sheltered, swimming in the sea is almost all year round..


Is there any Bank or ATM machine on the island?

A: No. bank and ATM is on Koh Chang or Trat. Please bring Thai-Baht with you or you may pay with resort by Credit card (VISA / Master). Most of shops in island accept only a cash.


Are there any poisonous animals on the island?

A: There are some snakes and scorpions, but none of them ever killed or harmed seriously. Most of the time you will not see any of them . Only spider and small lizard you may see and none of them has poison.


How about the Sand fly?

A: Our Resort and KohMak Tourism Club fumigation pest & sandfly control every week to reduce it. Some people only get bitten some not. There are two ways to avid their bites. 1 use insect repellent (recommend “OFF” brand) 2. put coconut oil on your skin.


Is there any jellyfish ?

A: Our resort provide safety zone with fishing net in the sea. You can be assured you and your family are safe. Rarely, jellyfish will come over the sea. In case you got stung by them, you don’t scratch and get out of the water to avoid getting stung again. Once out ,slowly pouring “vinegar” ( vinegar stations are provided on our beach) over the sting will help ease the pain and take some medicine for treatment.


How about the “Green/ Low” Season, possible to go?

A: It is recognized that, globally climates are changing and wide variations from the normal conditions do at times occur. But Suan-Yai bay where is located the resort is sheltered allowing swimming almost all year around. If you prefer to visit us during the “green” season, we have enough lazy activities to keep you relax at the resort if it is raining when conditions allow indoor activities include taking a Thai Massage , kayaking &, borrowing reading materials, DVDs, surfing internet (wi-fi use is free !)…Especially, having a “peaceful” nap with sound of rain dancing on the roof. The beach is always good for private joggers, strollers with freshly air.
** pleae download Seavana Guest's Guide (link) to prepare your trip.


How about pet policy?

A: Sorry, we are not allowed to bring any pet to our resort.


How difference between book with resort VS travel agency?

A: To book with resort you will…

  • Get special rate with more benefits than others
  • Easy amendments with no extra charge.
  • Any special request will be direct to us.
  • Free Early check-in / Late check-out. (Base on availability)
  • Free WI-FI
  • Price is net. No handling fee & extra cost
  • Free taxi pick up from KohMak's pier
  • Easy to contact you for preparing your trip
  • Pay later, only need credit card guarantee (depends on promotion)